Happiness: Then & Now

What does happiness mean to you? Has it changed much from the past? Let’s take a look at how technology has made a difference then and now! Singtel is the Official Tech Partner for the Great Online Shopping Festival from 25th – 27th April this year. They are offering great deals for their mobile, broadband […]

How To Be An Instagrammer Parody (Ft. Mongchin & Nicole Changmin)

*Disclaimer* it’s a parody guys… -_- Ever wonder what it takes to be a popular Instagrammer? Well, one of Singapore’s leading Instagrammers, Angela Darling shares some of her secrets with you. Love the scenery and locations in the video? They’re all taken around Marina Bay! Follow Marina Bay Singapore on Instagram ( and Facebook ( […]

Online Dating In Real Life

Online dating. You want it yet you hate it. The fastest way to meet new people but sadly it’s also where the weird people gather. We share some of our personal stories as well as stories we’ve gathered from our friends. What kind of people do you meet on dating apps? LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE for […]

Potato Box: Hanging Out with Lulu

This week, Le En has a surprise guest on Potato Box! Yup, that’s right. It’s Lulu!

You Know You’re Married When… (Ft Elizabeth Boon)

There are some things only married couples understand. Some things that you can identify married couples with. We explore some of these weird habits in this video! If you wish to find out more about fertility health checks, do click on this link: LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE for the latest updates and new videos weekly! […]