Advertisements Vs Reality

You know how our normal daily activities always appear much cooler, sexier and way more fun in those television advertisements. Well, in reality… they are NOT! Cos’ we know what really goes down in REAL LIFE! Here’s “Advertisements Vs Reality”! SUPPORT US HERE (every cent helps): _ Cast: Jonathan Cheok Instagram: @cheokboardstudios Isaac […]

Advertisements Vs Reality 2

Our Advertisements Vs Reality video has been featured on 9gag and has garnered more than 2 million views to date. This is the sequel to that awesome part 1, but this time featuring more hilarious commercial parodies as well as the long awaited return of… Yes, as requested by the fans… Melody Low!

If Movies Were In Singlish

What if all the Hollywood Blockbuster movies you watch in the cinemas were in Singlish? Lately, a lot of people have been commenting on my YouTube videos that they do not understand or approve of our local Singaporean english/accents/slangs/shortcuts/abbreviations. Well, eat your hearts out you HATERS! This one’s for em’ local boys and girls…

Girls: Single Vs In A Relationship

When girls are single, they behave a certain way but when they are happily in a relationship, they behave another. Here’s some overly exaggerated scenarios of girls who are single and available versus girls who are completely attached and in love! Enjoy! #airhug SUPPORT US HERE (every cent helps): _ Cast & Crew: Jonathan […]

12 Guys You Shouldn’t Date

Here are 12 types of guys you should NEVER go on a date with! Why take the chance of meeting random weird people in real life when you can meet awesome people safely behind a phone? Just use the PAKTOR app! Head over to to find out more! _ Cast: Jonathan Cheok […]

If Modern People Lived In Ancient Times

What if modern people went back and lived in ancient times in olden day China? Would it really be like this? 😛

Good VS Bad Wifi Connection

Having bad wifi connection at home is probably one of my most biggest FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS! Don’t y’all agree with me on this?