Winner of President’s Award for Volunteerism

Winner of President’s Award for Volunteerism and/or Philanthropy (Kampong Spirit): Project Intan

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When we think about Kampong Spirit, we imagine the entire village coming together to better serve the community. This year, the Informal Group category has been renamed to Kampong Spirit to capture the essence of community togetherness akin to the olden days of “kampong” living. Our winning group shows us that the ‘kampong spirit’ is much alive amidst us. Yes, most of us live in vertical kampongs now, but the spirit can live on!

As we progress as a modern society, the founder of today’s winning group believes that a caring society is what makes a #CityofGood. And he has demonstrated how a caring “kampong” can make major contributions. Since its inaugural charity fundraiser in 2008, the proceeds raised has gone to support multiple beneficiaries such as Assisi Hospice, ARC Children’s Centre and Singapore Children’s Society.

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