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If Movies Were In Singlish

What if all the Hollywood Blockbuster movies you watch in the cinemas were in Singlish? Lately, a lot of people have been commenting on my YouTube videos that they do not understand or approve of our local Singaporean english/accents/slangs/shortcuts/abbreviations. Well, eat your hearts out you HATERS! This one’s for em’ local boys and girls…

Learning Singlish (Singaporean English) – Xiaxue’s Guide To Life

Learn the basics of Singaporean English, including all the curse words! WARNING: This video contains explicit language. Viewer discretion advised.

Singlish Is A Language For Our Future, Lah! – TEDxSingapore

Gwee Li Sui puts up an argument for Singlish, a colloquial version of English in Singapore. Gwee Li Sui’s demeanour belies his expertise across multiple fields. A literary critic, a poet, and a graphic artist, he wrote Singapore’s first full-length comic-book novel, and published a volume of humorous verse, Who Wants to Buy a Book […]