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“The Fragments” – Award Winning Short《忆》CMPA 2015 Finalist

FRAGMENTS won 2nd runner up out of 145 entries in CMPA 2015 ! Thank you everyone, much appreciated 🙂 – Fragments – An incomplete or a small broken off piece | Theme: Memories | Genre: Poetic ” the best memories are not simply based on the images in front of you, but really, the […]

“With My Life” Singapore’s Dystopian Film | CiNE65

A retired soldier and his daughter, a soldier of the army are caught in midst of a war zone in Year 2045. In the wake of an artillery strike, he shares with her stories of his life before war. Submitted by Jaze Phua Nominations: Best Film, Best Direction, Best Editing, Best Sound Design, Best Art […]

(Featurette) Chennai 2 Singapore – Teaser Trailer //

‘Chennai Singapore’ is a romcom set predominantly in Singapore where the protagonist from Chennai makes his way to Singapore in search of better opportunities. He ends up meeting a girl, who is also originally from Chennai but their love story is destined to begin in Singapore and they are set to begin a madcap emotional […]

[AMA] with Kai Yuan from Singapore’s “Our Grandfather Story”

** COLLECTING QUESTIONS HERE ** (till 3rd Sep 2017) Meet Kai Yuan from Singapore, a passionate visual storyteller and director at “Our Grandfather Story”, a digital publisher he started with 3 friends to document, curate and retell authentic local stories through multiple social media platforms. From Rocher Centre to Limpeh Says and the 8 […]

[AMA] with Singaporean Filmmaker of Thriller “JEEVI (ஜீவீ)”

** COLLECTING QUESTIONS HERE ** (till 17th Sep 2017)ஜீவீ-553 Meet 25-year-old Kannan Vijayakumar, student, writer and director from Singapore, working in Tamil cinema. He is on Viddsee Community this week to chat with you about directing, Indian/Tamil cinema and film reviewing. Join in the conversation today! SUBSCRIBE to us here RATE, WATCH, SUPPORT […]

《杂货店》The Provision Shop

Award-winning director Royston Tan uncovers latent tensions and strong bonds within a diverse community in his latest telemovie 《杂货店》 (The Provision Shop). Filmed in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Information and Tribal Worldwide Singapore, the telemovie shows the social interactions and relationships between locals and foreigners in multicultural Singapore. It encourages greater openness, […]

《礼物》An Open Letter from the Son of a Cancer Mom

On May 10th 2015, in celebration of Mother’s Day, I presented this short film to my mom on YouTube. Dedicated to all wonderful moms out there. 🙂 Directed/Written by Jaze Phua – – – Filmed by Jerry Lim – – – Credits: Directed/Written by Jaze Phua Co-Directed by Jerry […]

「我肯定我的世界只有你」 遭棄養寵物真心告白

「我肯定我的世界只有你」 遭棄養寵物真心告白 #車部編:別再欺負沒有發聲權的牠們…要看到最後! #請分享:養牠就對牠負責~給所有毛小孩的爸媽

#12-99 – He Arrived In Singapore To Learn He’s Been Scammed

Scammed and stranded abroad with no shelter or resources, a young immigrant meets an old lady who opens up her hear and home to him. Directed by Jeth Heng (Singapore) Help us SHARE this film! SUBSCRIBE to us here RATE, WATCH, SUPPORT YOUR FILMMAKER Love the films on Viddsee and would like to […]

#BOLEH – JinnyBoyTV

Ever since I was a child, I had a goal… A naive but hopeful dream, that when I grow up, I’d like to be someone who would make a difference in this world… Growing up in a developing city like KL, I do agree that Malaysia, isn’t like one of the big and formidable countries, […]

3 Days Grace – Singapore Drama Short Film //

At a time when the local government is deciding on implementing filial piety laws, an aggressive boxer’s reluctant reunion with his ill and aged father sparks off a hostile yet awkward circumstance where father and son are forced to live together for the next 72 hours. SUBSCRIBE RATE, WATCH, SUPPORT YOUR FILMMAKER Download […]

A Cloudy Conundrum – Singapore Animation Short Film // Viddsee

KEEP UPDATED WITH THE LATEST ASIAN SHORT FILMS: A city of creatures live upon a massive island of cloud, roaming the skies and producing small weather clouds as they go. Their lives are thrown into disruption when an uninvited guest ignorantly lands on board. 3rd Singapore Short Film Awards – Nominated for Best Animation […]

A Mother’s Love – Singapore Drama Short Film //

Take a minute. Pause & think: do you really know who your mom is? When you are sick and lying in bed, a mother’s love is the best medicine. She takes care of you tirelessly and never complains. Her love is unconditional. SUBSCRIBE RATE, WATCH, SUPPORT YOUR FILMMAKER Download the new Viddsee iPhone […]

Aiden (奇幻的偶遇) – Singapore Drama Short Film //

Though intelligent, 9-year-old Aiden acts like he has no mind of his own. His tiger Mummy has his entire future planned out for him. The first step? The Gifted Education Programme – a valuable and exclusive curriculum that promises better education for the gifted mind.When Aiden finds an old magical shadow puppeteer at a neighbouring […]

An Unconventional Love Story – Singapore Drama Short Film //

Nicole believes in fate and destiny. One day, she bumps into the guy she has been thinking about for years…. 一直深信缘分的Nicole,终于在那一天遇上了多年前的他。 RATE, WATCH, SUPPORT YOUR FILMMAKER NEW YouTube Video out every Thursday! Subscribe to stay tuned to the latest short film on our Channel! SUBSCRIBE NOW LIKE US ON FACEBOOK Download the […]

Bak Kut Teh – Singapore Drama Short Film // Viddsee

Ah Tee, a pork seller at the market, constantly abuses his wife Ah Huay. Despite his charming ways at the market, an inexplicable rage haunts him. One day, Ah Huay decides to act in self-defense to protect herself against her husband… Adapted from Soup of the Day by David Leo. A film from Utter 2013, […]

BFF (有情常在)

As an undergraduate, Xiao Hui has a bright future and life has been a breeze, till the day she discovers that her father has cancer. Devastated, her life takes an unexpected turn. Will this trauma set her back, or does it turn out to be a blessing in disguise?

Birth Of A Marine Park – They’re Planting Clams Too! // Discovery on Viddsee

Watch more Awesome Short Films at Off the shores, away from the glittering skyline of the city, Singapore maintains one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes, yet its waters hide a little-known secret : a rich bio-habitat harbouring diverse marine life, including even species long thought to be extinct. This documentary follows the visionary […]

Closer Apart (团圆) – Singapore Drama Short Film

A father does something drastic when his family become strangers to him. “Closer Apart” is a heartwarming short film that highlights the importance of cherishing familial ties through a subtle illustration of our inability to value the little things and people around us in the face of modernity. As we unravel the story of a […]

Conversations Over Coffee

A story revolving around one’s love for coffee, and one’s interest in a girl whom he thinks he’ll never get. SUBSCRIBE: Every individual has their fears of approaching someone that they admire a lot due to lack of self esteem. But we fail to realize that sometimes it is the simple things that create […]

Crushed – JinnyBoyTV Short film

Have you ever admitted a secret crush under pressure and been crush-ed? Check out our latest video, and maybe you can relate to a thing or two. SUBSCRIBE WATCH MORE OF OUR SHORT FILMS CHECK OUT OUR EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS AND OUR HANGOUTS LIKE US ON FACEBOOK FOLLOW US ON TWITTER […]