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Piàh《饼》 – Singapore Tear-jerking Drama Short Film //

Watch more Asian Short Films at A box of broken Tau Sar Piah (chinese biscuit) has caused a rift between a father and son that spins over 2 decades. “Family ties are like water, they won’t separate even if you part them.” SUBSCRIBE RATE, WATCH, SUPPORT YOUR FILMMAKER Download the new Viddsee […]

The Line – Singapore Action Short Film // Viddsee

Sergeant Jason and Corporal Ahmad are two Singaporean peacekeepers patrolling a quiet area of the border between the a humanitarian neutral zone and the rest of the civil war-torn nation of Taunesia. Far removed from the realities of the war, they do not take their job too seriously until they encounter a mysterious woman on […]

PICKED – Short Film

Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook: A pickpocket meets a nurse he picked the day before. A slice-of-life film Directed by Jerry Lim Produced by Jaze Phua Pickpocket: Gabriel Cheok Nurse: Clarice Wong Grandad: Smiley Goh Special thanks to Tan Boon May & Evelyn Lam Help this pickpocket stop stealing by funding […]

How Girls Play Tricks on Your Mind – Mind Games

Do best friends know best when it comes to courtship? GET YOUR #OOTD T SHIRTS NOW:;jsessionid=1ApXWTIsmdm_-TTHgd4e4Q STARRING Dan Khoo: Jin Lim: Marianne Tan: Alicia Tan: SUBSCRIBE LIKE US ON FACEBOOK FOLLOW US ON TWITTER Jin Lim: Reuben Kang: FOR BUSINESS ENQUIRIES/SPONSORSHIP: WEBSITE

Red Bean Soup (怀念红豆汤) – Singapore Tear-jerking Short Film //

Watch more Asian Short Films at Red bean soup is a well-known traditional dessert amongst the Chinese, usually enjoyed after dinner. To us Chinese, it represents a symbol of all things good. This is a story of a son sharing how red bean soup has played a sentimental role in his childhood. Check out […]


What are the best thing about relationships? Do subscribe, like and comment on our video. Your feedback is much appreciated. Song by Aizat “I Go” Soundtrack from Talentime Director Jeevan Sekar Line Managers Caleb Lim Cinematographer Shene Tan Amanda Love Actors Shinyee Kai Jin Howard

Level Up – JinnyBoyTV Short Film

Do you remember your first time and what you did to prepare for it? Happy Valentine’s Day, and hope you can relate a thing or two to our latest short film, based on a story that was once told to us. Or maybe, it might be new to some of you. Adaptation of the Pharmacist […]

Sunshine – Singapore Comedy Short Film // Viddsee

A geeky young man prepares for his upcoming driving test by driving his father’s taxi around in the neighbourhood nightly. Like many guys his age, he believes that a driving license will help him attract the opposite sex. His dream, or you can say nightmare, came true when he was forced to pick up a […]

「我肯定我的世界只有你」 遭棄養寵物真心告白

「我肯定我的世界只有你」 遭棄養寵物真心告白 #車部編:別再欺負沒有發聲權的牠們…要看到最後! #請分享:養牠就對牠負責~給所有毛小孩的爸媽

Reunion (团圆饭)

Watch more Asian Short Films at Towkay Tan plans to go on a trip with his family during Chinese New Year, leaving his coffee shop under the care of his employee, Ah Biao, a shop runner from China. Things get challenging for Towkay Tan when he realises his business will be left to a […]

Never – A Terk-jerking Romance film

You only get closer to someone when you miss them the most. Watch our latest christmas video to find out why. LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE for more videos! Facebook: Instagram: Starring: Winting (as Winnie): Jaze Phua: Co-Starring Shanelle Cheong: Evelyn Lam: Darren Neo: Jerry Lim: Genre: Romance/Drama Directed/Written Jaze Phua: […]

[AMA] with Kai Yuan from Singapore’s “Our Grandfather Story”

** COLLECTING QUESTIONS HERE ** (till 3rd Sep 2017) Meet Kai Yuan from Singapore, a passionate visual storyteller and director at “Our Grandfather Story”, a digital publisher he started with 3 friends to document, curate and retell authentic local stories through multiple social media platforms. From Rocher Centre to Limpeh Says and the 8 […]

A Mother’s Love – Singapore Drama Short Film //

Take a minute. Pause & think: do you really know who your mom is? When you are sick and lying in bed, a mother’s love is the best medicine. She takes care of you tirelessly and never complains. Her love is unconditional. SUBSCRIBE RATE, WATCH, SUPPORT YOUR FILMMAKER Download the new Viddsee iPhone […]

Filial Haven – Singapore Tear-jerking Drama Short Film //

Watch more Awesome Short Films at Rick (Nick Shen), an accomplished businessman nearing his thirties, plans to migrate to another country. He starts to recall the memories with his mother (Chen Mei Guang). Upon reaching a destination, however, his elderly mother makes things difficult for him. In hoping for a better life, Rick battles […]


A short film by TheSaladShow Directors Notes Like/Subscribe/Comment/Share Follow us Facebook: CLICK TO Tweet! @jeevansekar / @calebbbby Instagram: @jeevansekar / @calebbbby A new trilogy by Jeevan & Team The Cast Timothy Too Jeevan Sekar Sam Leng Sylvia Crew Jingwen Caleb LIm Kevin Fong Ck Chunkit Sue Lin Trace Yong Special Thanks Irwin Ng […]

Me, Myself And I – JinnyBoyTV

A journey of self discovery, as Julia travels to Singapore to get over her break up. A coming of age story as we look to mending a broken heart. WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY: Reuben W.J Kang:, CINEMATOGRAPHY BY: Night Owl Cinematics: MUSIC BY Daniel Veerapen: , Julias Memoirs (Me,Myself & […]

Purple Light 相近如兵 – Singapore LGBT Army Short Film // Viddsee

A story of love, brotherhood and the expression of oneself. A commonly sung song; A commonly said phrase “With my rifle and my buddy and me” But when the feelings become real, are you able to handle it? Through Zipeng’s eyes, Purple Light strives to tell a story about how one’s existence is bigger than […]

Open Doors: Singapore – Someone Was Watching When She Slapped The Domestic Worker //

Serene is the Singaporean employer of Lisa, a domestic worker from the Philippines. When Lisa starts working for her, Serene takes her passport and work permit, and does not allow her to take a day off. Serene is caught up in her own work until she realizes that she is unknowingly teaching her daughter about […]

BFF (有情常在)

As an undergraduate, Xiao Hui has a bright future and life has been a breeze, till the day she discovers that her father has cancer. Devastated, her life takes an unexpected turn. Will this trauma set her back, or does it turn out to be a blessing in disguise?

The Manifest: He Was Accused Of Being A “Fake” Singaporean, Having The Easy Life //

More than a hundred years into the future, two Singaporean astronauts, Kyle and Morgan, are on a space mission for the Singapore Space Agency. Yet, both of them cannot seem to get along as they endeavour to deal with a special piece of cargo on board. Directed by Sanif Olek, ‘Sanjay’ is inspired by the […]