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Disconnected – He Was Looking For Some Fun On The Internet; Then He Met Her // Singapore

Bored and lonely, Joe turns to the internet for company and relief…but something unexpected happens. Help us SHARE this film! SUBSCRIBE to us here RATE, WATCH, SUPPORT YOUR FILMMAKER Follow us on Instagram Download the new Viddsee Android/ iPhone app to watch awesome short films offline

Sofia – The Fate Of A Woman Who Can Never Outrun Her Past // Singapore

Sofia’s life took a turn when she thought things are getting better. Help us SHARE this film! SUBSCRIBE to us here RATE, WATCH, SUPPORT YOUR FILMMAKER Follow us on Instagram Download the new Viddsee Android/ iPhone app to watch awesome short films offline


Globally 4.5 million people are being trafficked for sexual exploitation, including children. to help human trafficking victims rebuild their lives. For the event : BlackBox Event at Publika… Check out our Facebook page and instagram for constant updates on us! Directors Commentary : Business enquires contact us : Jiven […]

The Perm – She Had Big Dreams Of Having Big Hair // Singapore

This comedy short film by Wee Li Lin was commissioned by ciNE65 , a short film competition organised by Nexus which is now in its fourth season! To Li Lin, the salons symbolise a sense of home, familiarity and comfort. What are the things that makes you feel like home? Aspiring filmmakers are invited to […]

Open Doors: Singapore – Someone Was Watching When She Slapped The Domestic Worker //

Serene is the Singaporean employer of Lisa, a domestic worker from the Philippines. When Lisa starts working for her, Serene takes her passport and work permit, and does not allow her to take a day off. Serene is caught up in her own work until she realizes that she is unknowingly teaching her daughter about […]

「我肯定我的世界只有你」 遭棄養寵物真心告白

「我肯定我的世界只有你」 遭棄養寵物真心告白 #車部編:別再欺負沒有發聲權的牠們…要看到最後! #請分享:養牠就對牠負責~給所有毛小孩的爸媽

《杂货店》The Provision Shop

Award-winning director Royston Tan uncovers latent tensions and strong bonds within a diverse community in his latest telemovie 《杂货店》 (The Provision Shop). Filmed in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Information and Tribal Worldwide Singapore, the telemovie shows the social interactions and relationships between locals and foreigners in multicultural Singapore. It encourages greater openness, […]


*Recommended using earphones for better sound* When relationships come to an end, some dwell on past memories however, some may view this as an opportunity for new beginnings and fresh hellos. Goodbyes is a story of man who has the chance to rekindle an old flame, does he take this chance? Or will he seek […]

Wild Cards – The Artistry Of Playing Cards // Discovery on Viddsee

Watch more Awesome Short Films at This behind the scenes documentary showcases a Singapore-based collective who practice the art of card flourishing. To date, Virtuoso (a.k.a. The Virts) have managed to gather an international following of more than 37,000 people. But how far can a Singapore Brand go in an international scene that is […]

PSLE-GO – Exams are not do or die. A story on teenage suicides in Singapore. //

[含中英双字幕] Zihui and Justin are sitting for their year-end PSLE examinations, which will determine whether they get into the top schools or not. It is a stressful time and Zihui is having serious trouble coping. Despite her parents’ support, her fear of disappointing them is overwhelming. Justin knows that Zihui is not herself but can […]

Hello | Short Film

Heartbreaks and Goodbyes are always part and parcel of loving someone, but how do we get over it? Directors Commentary : —————————————-­—- Check out our Facebook page and instagram for constant updates on us! Business enquiries : —————————————-­—- Full Soundtrack : Credit Music “Love is” : —————————————-­—- Directed, Written […]

Strum Me A Song | Short Film

Moments are always the one that sticks closes to our heart when we are in love. This is a short regarding a moment before the lovers go into a long distance relationship. Check out our Facebook page and instagram for constant updates on us! Check out the Directors Note Subscribe : […]

When you are old

Based on a true story of artist @Danny Raven Tan, this film gives a glimpse into the live of a person taking care of his mother who has senile dementia. Starring the man himself, Danny gives a performance brought from the heart in this beautifully shot film by director ChongWu Koh. This short film is […]

倦子2: PSLE-GO

倦子2: PSLE-GO explores the high expectations Singaporean kids face when it comes to academic excellence as well as the rising suicide rates among children and teens in Singapore. The story is told through two typical Singaporean families whose children are taking their Primary School Leaving Examinations. Written and produced by local brand communication agency Splash […]

Lollipop 2

A sequel for the previous short film of ours called Lollipop. A story revolving around a bunch of students who fell in love only to be part of something big. Check out Part 1: Subscribe : Facebook us: Behind the Scene: Follow us on twitter Also check out […]

In Touch – Short Film (feat.Cherise Lai) 4K

Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook: Jaze – Cherise – Inspired from a FB post, here’s our take on it. 🙂 Special thanks to the team for making this possible! Namely Leonard, Isabelle, Clara! Jared, Jerry and Jason from JUO Productions. Last but not least @CheriseLai’s debut acting for a Short Film! If […]


A short film by TheSaladShow Directors Notes Like/Subscribe/Comment/Share Follow us Facebook: CLICK TO Tweet! @jeevansekar / @calebbbby Instagram: @jeevansekar / @calebbbby A new trilogy by Jeevan & Team The Cast Timothy Too Jeevan Sekar Sam Leng Sylvia Crew Jingwen Caleb LIm Kevin Fong Ck Chunkit Sue Lin Trace Yong Special Thanks Irwin Ng […]


What are the best thing about relationships? Do subscribe, like and comment on our video. Your feedback is much appreciated. Song by Aizat “I Go” Soundtrack from Talentime Director Jeevan Sekar Line Managers Caleb Lim Cinematographer Shene Tan Amanda Love Actors Shinyee Kai Jin Howard

To Mum (Love, Me)

A coming out story set in modern day Singapore, Joan is a closeted lesbian living with her mother, Nancy. When Nancy forces Joan out of the closet, the two women have to rethink their relationship and convictions. Festival Favourite, Cinema Diverse! The Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Festival 2015 MICGénero, The International Film Festival With Gender Perspective […]

Language Of Love (Eng Sub)

What’s your language of love? A heartbreaking short film set in Vietnam and Singapore starring May Nguyen and Jaze Phua.