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#12-99 – He Arrived In Singapore To Learn He’s Been Scammed

Scammed and stranded abroad with no shelter or resources, a young immigrant meets an old lady who opens up her hear and home to him. Directed by Jeth Heng (Singapore) Help us SHARE this film! SUBSCRIBE to us here RATE, WATCH, SUPPORT YOUR FILMMAKER Love the films on Viddsee and would like to […]

Aiden (奇幻的偶遇) – Singapore Drama Short Film //

Though intelligent, 9-year-old Aiden acts like he has no mind of his own. His tiger Mummy has his entire future planned out for him. The first step? The Gifted Education Programme – a valuable and exclusive curriculum that promises better education for the gifted mind.When Aiden finds an old magical shadow puppeteer at a neighbouring […]

Birth Of A Marine Park – They’re Planting Clams Too! // Discovery on Viddsee

Watch more Awesome Short Films at Off the shores, away from the glittering skyline of the city, Singapore maintains one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes, yet its waters hide a little-known secret : a rich bio-habitat harbouring diverse marine life, including even species long thought to be extinct. This documentary follows the visionary […]

[AMA] with Singaporean Filmmaker of Thriller “JEEVI (ஜீவீ)”

** COLLECTING QUESTIONS HERE ** (till 17th Sep 2017)ஜீவீ-553 Meet 25-year-old Kannan Vijayakumar, student, writer and director from Singapore, working in Tamil cinema. He is on Viddsee Community this week to chat with you about directing, Indian/Tamil cinema and film reviewing. Join in the conversation today! SUBSCRIBE to us here RATE, WATCH, SUPPORT […]

Essence Of Love – She Found An Unexpected Lesson At A Dinner She Almost Missed //

Claire is a working mother who is gently reminded that she had overlooked the most important detail about caring for others, which is to first care for herself. Directed by Sun Ji (Singapore) Find out more about taking care of yourself with Yomeishu, a traditional herbal health tonic Help us SHARE this film! SUBSCRIBE […]

Near Yet Far – JinnyboyTV

A guy stumbles across a camera on a train, only to find that everything was happening for a reason. For business collaborations please contact: Behind The Scenes:–cGI& DIRECTED BY Jin Lim: STARRING Pauline Tan: Kenny Gan: FEAT THE MUSIC OF GENTLE BONES: Get “Settle Down” by Gentle Bones here: […]

The Manifest: He Was Accused Of Being A “Fake” Singaporean, Having The Easy Life //

More than a hundred years into the future, two Singaporean astronauts, Kyle and Morgan, are on a space mission for the Singapore Space Agency. Yet, both of them cannot seem to get along as they endeavour to deal with a special piece of cargo on board. Directed by Sanif Olek, ‘Sanjay’ is inspired by the […]

[AMA] with Kai Yuan from Singapore’s “Our Grandfather Story”

** COLLECTING QUESTIONS HERE ** (till 3rd Sep 2017) Meet Kai Yuan from Singapore, a passionate visual storyteller and director at “Our Grandfather Story”, a digital publisher he started with 3 friends to document, curate and retell authentic local stories through multiple social media platforms. From Rocher Centre to Limpeh Says and the 8 […]

PICKED – Short Film

Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook: A pickpocket meets a nurse he picked the day before. A slice-of-life film Directed by Jerry Lim Produced by Jaze Phua Pickpocket: Gabriel Cheok Nurse: Clarice Wong Grandad: Smiley Goh Special thanks to Tan Boon May & Evelyn Lam Help this pickpocket stop stealing by funding […]

“With My Life” Singapore’s Dystopian Film | CiNE65

A retired soldier and his daughter, a soldier of the army are caught in midst of a war zone in Year 2045. In the wake of an artillery strike, he shares with her stories of his life before war. Submitted by Jaze Phua Nominations: Best Film, Best Direction, Best Editing, Best Sound Design, Best Art […]

(Featurette) Chennai 2 Singapore – Teaser Trailer //

‘Chennai Singapore’ is a romcom set predominantly in Singapore where the protagonist from Chennai makes his way to Singapore in search of better opportunities. He ends up meeting a girl, who is also originally from Chennai but their love story is destined to begin in Singapore and they are set to begin a madcap emotional […]

What to do for Mother’s Day?

This Mother’s Day we decide to do something really meaningful. Jaze and Team from Advisors Alliance Group planned out a sequence of events for 4 different families, the result turned out to be the similar 🙂 An initiative by Louis, HanYang & Jaze Produced by Louis & HanYang Filmed by Jaze & Elson Subscribe: […]

The Leader – Being A Leader Means Sharing; This Girl Teaches Her Mother How // Singapore

’THE LEADER’ is a story of coincidental friendships and purposeful mutual respect between two people who have come from very different places. The teacher of two Kindergarten students – a local girl named Nicolette and a foreign student named Jonathan – is electing a class monitor to help with the planning of a class party – […]

Disconnected – He Was Looking For Some Fun On The Internet; Then He Met Her // Singapore

Bored and lonely, Joe turns to the internet for company and relief…but something unexpected happens. Help us SHARE this film! SUBSCRIBE to us here RATE, WATCH, SUPPORT YOUR FILMMAKER Follow us on Instagram Download the new Viddsee Android/ iPhone app to watch awesome short films offline

Sofia – The Fate Of A Woman Who Can Never Outrun Her Past // Singapore

Sofia’s life took a turn when she thought things are getting better. Help us SHARE this film! SUBSCRIBE to us here RATE, WATCH, SUPPORT YOUR FILMMAKER Follow us on Instagram Download the new Viddsee Android/ iPhone app to watch awesome short films offline


Globally 4.5 million people are being trafficked for sexual exploitation, including children. to help human trafficking victims rebuild their lives. For the event : BlackBox Event at Publika… Check out our Facebook page and instagram for constant updates on us! Directors Commentary : Business enquires contact us : Jiven […]

The Perm – She Had Big Dreams Of Having Big Hair // Singapore

This comedy short film by Wee Li Lin was commissioned by ciNE65 , a short film competition organised by Nexus which is now in its fourth season! To Li Lin, the salons symbolise a sense of home, familiarity and comfort. What are the things that makes you feel like home? Aspiring filmmakers are invited to […]

Open Doors: Singapore – Someone Was Watching When She Slapped The Domestic Worker //

Serene is the Singaporean employer of Lisa, a domestic worker from the Philippines. When Lisa starts working for her, Serene takes her passport and work permit, and does not allow her to take a day off. Serene is caught up in her own work until she realizes that she is unknowingly teaching her daughter about […]

「我肯定我的世界只有你」 遭棄養寵物真心告白

「我肯定我的世界只有你」 遭棄養寵物真心告白 #車部編:別再欺負沒有發聲權的牠們…要看到最後! #請分享:養牠就對牠負責~給所有毛小孩的爸媽

《杂货店》The Provision Shop

Award-winning director Royston Tan uncovers latent tensions and strong bonds within a diverse community in his latest telemovie 《杂货店》 (The Provision Shop). Filmed in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Information and Tribal Worldwide Singapore, the telemovie shows the social interactions and relationships between locals and foreigners in multicultural Singapore. It encourages greater openness, […]