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“No Sex” Excuses Your Girlfriend Gives

“Baby I’m having my period.” What are some of the excuses your girlfriend gives? Trevmonki Official Social Media Instagram @ Facebook @ Follow the crew Trev @ Benzo @ Leonard @ For any business enquiries: Cast Ellena Trev Clarice Wong Benzo


#GrowingUpAsian or #GrowingUpSingaporean? I don’t know but we can definitely relate to this! Hope you guys can relate to this as well, not only Asians but everyone! 🙂 Do share with us what are some of the points we missed out by commenting on this video and tag your friends if you can relate to […]


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#SELFIE (Parody) – Singapore Version

#SELFIE Song Parody You know you have that friend… The friend that Instagrams every single DAMN thing! Here’s our take on the latest trending song by the Chainsmokers! Some of the most “randomest” and “weirdest” times to take a selfie… #foodfie #shitfie Thank you to those who hashtagged #selfiesg on Inquisitive’s Instagram thread. Your photos […]

10 Annoying Public Display of Affection (PDA)

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10 outcomes after rejection

We’ve had rejections at some points in our lives. Here are some of the more unusual outcomes of what comes after a rejection! Or are they? LIKE SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE! DKP FB – DKP Twitter – DKP Instagram – Siew Li’s Instagram – Jeremy Choy FB – Tan Wai Kit […]

10 Things Not To Do During A Job Interview

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10 Types of Ex Boyfriends You Broke Up With

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10 types of Ice Hockey Players

Thanks to Maya Deccans players for joining us in this short skit! If you would like to join the Malaysia Ice Hockey team, contact them here: S.Low – Gary Tan – LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO US! DKP FB – DKP Twitter – DKP Instagram – FILMED BY Jeremy Choy – […]

10 Types of Singaporean Students

The 10 types of students you see find in every class. What kind of student are you? JianHao: @thejianhaotan ( Ridhwan: @ridhwanazman ( Julian Tay: @juliantayTM ( Danial Ron: @danialron ( Yahya: @fallensuperhero ( Naomi Neo: @naomineo_ ( Nic Shields: @nicshields —————— TWITTER: @thejianhaotan ( ) FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: @thejianhaotan BLOG: CONTACT: […]

10 Ways to be Famous in Singapore

It’s not hard to gain instant fame in Singapore and here is how quite a number of people have done it! Featuring: Naomi Neo: Danial Ron: Vincenzo: Ridhwan: Noah Yap: Dee Kosh: Steven Lim: Ryan and Sylvia NOC: Michelle Tan: Gong Gong: —- OUR PARTNERS: […]

10 Ways To Pass an Exam

With the exams around the corner, here are 10 exam tips that may or may not help you pass your exams. JianHao: @thejianhaotan ( Yahya: @fallensuperhero ( Julian Tay: @juliantayTM ( Janice: @heytherehotshot —————— TWITTER: @thejianhaotan ( ) FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: @thejianhaotan FORMSPRING: BLOG: CONTACT: Music by @fallensuperhero

11 Differences Between Dating & Marriage

Everyone knows that couples go through a honeymoon period, but what happens after? SPECIAL THANKS to our location sponsor The Coastal Settlement. LIKE AND SUBCRIBE for the latest updates and new videos weekly! Facebook: Twitter/Instagram: @treepotatoessg STARRING Djehuty: Elliot: Foxy: Clifford: SFX credits:


How many of these things do you do during Chinese New Year? Try the Singtel Firecracker at EMAIL: For business enquiries, contact ​ directly FEATURING: Joeann: Charlotte Lum: Melina Irwan: Burqq: Kayley: Tan Zhi Kai: Gong Gong: Vincent: DONATE TO THEJIANHAOTAN FOUNDATION:… OUR PARTNERS: (Beauty) […]

11 Types of NSmen in Reservist

11 Types of NSmen in Reservist If you are a MALE, living in SINGAPORE and have completed your NATIONAL SERVICE, you would know what the term ‘RESERVIST’ is! All men in Singapore are required to serve a 2-3 week voluntary annual ‘Reservist’ for 10 cycles (years). Reservist is all about serving the Nation through your […]

11 Types of Parents (Ft. Audrey Faith Lim)

We are sure that your parents drive you nuts all the time but even so, we love them so much! Dads and Mums FTW! Stand a chance to win a Tree Potatoes T shirt and $50 shopping vouchers simply by telling us how many scenes the SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift items appeared in the video, […]

11 Types of Phone Users

Smartphones are an important part of our lives and they make everything so much more convenient. What type of phone user are you? We would like to thank LG for providing us with the latest LG G3 phones for this video! You can head over to to find out more about the awesome LG […]

11 Types of Singaporean Ah Ma

How many of these Ah Mas have you come across? Don’t forget to tell all the Ah Mas and Ah Gongs you know about the PG Card benefits! Our grandparents are old now, so it is up to us to take good care of them like how they did for us 😀 Instagram Jianhao – […]

11 Types of Singaporean Colleagues

Subscribe! Facebook! The truth is there is no escaping the people you spend 40 hours a week with. Here is our take on the types of colleagues you may be facing everyday. SUSCRIBE! FIND US ON FB! INSTAGRAM TWITTER NOC consists of an independent group of fun-loving filmmakers! Thank […]

11 Ways To Save Water

We’re all having the same problems nowadays – water shortage. Here are some useless ways to save water. It may or may not work, so all the best! LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO US! DKP FB – DKP Twitter – DKP Instagram – STARRING Ernest Ng – Shannon Wong Dan Khoo FILMED […]