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Shit We Watch on Television

Night Owl Cinematics turns one year old! (#NOCTurns1) A BIG THANK YOU to all of YOU for supporting us; we present the mega collaboration special video – Shit We Watch on Television! 🙂 Subscribe! Facebook! Sylvia’s fb! 00:18 – Deekosh and Fish from Wahbanana (Parody of American Next top model) Deekosh […]

Singapore: Then and Now!

Singapore changed over the years, but there is no where else we rather call home 🙂 What do you love about Singapore? Share this video and tell us and we will give away 10x NOC Tees to celebrate National Day! SUBSCRIBE TODAY! DOWNLOAD OUR APP! iOS: Android: SUPPORT US ON PATREON! […]

Happiness: Then & Now

What does happiness mean to you? Has it changed much from the past? Let’s take a look at how technology has made a difference then and now! Singtel is the Official Tech Partner for the Great Online Shopping Festival from 25th – 27th April this year. They are offering great deals for their mobile, broadband […]

8 Situations We Want To Escape From

Subscribe! Facebook! SUSCRIBE! FIND US ON FB! INSTAGRAM TWITTER Tweets by noctweets NOC consists of an independent group of fun-loving filmmakers! Thank you for watching + liking our youtube videos! We aim to create more distinctly Singaporean videos to make you laugh/cry! Contact us directly at for business enquiries! […]

You speak Cantonese ah?

We took the challenge of making a short in Cantonese and this was what we managed. And yes, our Cantonese is terrible so forgive us. LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO US! DKP FB – DKP Twitter – DKP Instagram – STARRING Dennis Yin – Audrey Loke – FILMED BY Jeremy Choy […]

Shit Malaysians Say In Singapore

SUBSCRIBE! FB – Twitter – Count the number of times the panda toy appears in the video and win a vacation with PandaBed. Enter the contest at this link: Also check out the other half of the video! –

Sexual Harassment at Work

We really enjoyed the SNL skit of sexual harassment at workplace, so we wanted to remake it to a style of our own, here’s what we got 😀 don’t be a butthurt in comments! Special thanks to Eden Ang SUBSCRIBE TODAY! FACEBOOK EMAIL For business/talent enquiries, email us directly at BUY […]

12 Ways To Make Money During Chinese New Year

If you ever find yourself needing to make more money during Chinese New Year, here are some pretty good tips. We haven’t tried them out ourselves yet so we’re not sure if it will work or not. LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO US! DKP FB – DKP Twitter – DKP Instagram – STARRING […]

Wife Vs Mistress!

Why do we always dote the newer one? Did we miss anything out? We hope you watched till the end! SUBSCRIBE TODAY! SUPPORT US ON PATREON! FACEBOOK EMAIL For business/talent enquiries, email us directly at VISIT OUR WEBSITE / BUY NOC SHIRTS! Home SNAPCHAT @nocsnaps TWITTER Tweets by RyanSylviaNOC ADDRESS Kent […]

How Not To Be A Wingman

Every bro needs a good wingman. But what happens when the wingman does his job wrongly? That’s right. He becomes a useless wingman. LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO US! DKP FB – DKP Twitter – DKP Instagram – FILMED & COLLABORATION WITH NIGHT OWL CINEMATICS (Berlin, Victoria, Sylvia, Charlene) – STARRING Dan […]


As students, there are some teachers that get on our nerves. But as adults, we realize that they are humans too, they have emotions and issues and they meant nothing but the best for us. Here are some teachers that we here in NOC encountered when we’re young! 😀 Check out Dee Kosh’s reaction here! […]

Mind Your Manners

Manners Maketh Man! Watch the behind the scenes here – LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO US! DKP FB – DKP Twitter – DKP Instagram – STARRING Michael Leaner – Kim Stan – Ernest Ng – FILMED BY Jeremy Choy – SOUND How Mei Ai – BEHIND THE SCENES […]

Mega Bloopers 8

We’re hiring! Stay tune to our facebook page and instagram for more details soon! SUBSCRIBE TODAY! FACEBOOK EMAIL For business/talent enquiries, email us directly at BUY NOC TEE SHIRTS TWITTER Tweets by RyanSylviaNOC INSTAGRAM Ryan – Sylvia – Nina – Franster – Berlin – Aylna – […]

Hey, Beautiful

One guy of humble origins decides to pursue the girl of his dreams who is in the same college class. How will it end? DanKhooProduction’s Facebook – DanKhooProduction’s Twitter – Ming.H’s Facebook – Ming.H’s Youtube – Dennis Yin’s Youtube – Dennis Yin’s Facebook – Sam Insanity’s Facebook – […]

Good Guys

The world could always use a couple of good guys like them! Special thanks to: Joseph Germani – Dennis Yin – Denise Camillia – Kimberly Yong – Story contribution: Tan Wai Kit –


[JIANHAO X RIDHWAN X NAOMI NEO – GOOD BOY MV PARODY] We too are good boys and we do things that good boys do. Parody of Good Boy by G-Dragon and TaeYang. Download the song here: Glasses from VISUAL MASS: Animal Bags from THE LITTLE BADGE STORE: Mini Cooper Rented from ALPHA […]

How To Deal With Zombies #RFYL

Will you survive the Zombie Apocalypse this 25th October 2014? Log on to and register with Promo Code NOC749 for exclusive $15 off tickets! Anyone can run. But everything changes when you have to Run For Your Lives. Assume the role of a Survivor or a Zombie in this one-of-a-kind fun run filled with […]

Gender “Equality”

In an alternate dimension.. An equal world where most guys want to be in 😀 PS. You can watch this video in 4k quality! Check out the Trezo App at Buying and selling items has never been easier! Special thanks to location sponsors: Sogurt Third and Sixth SUBSCRIBE TODAY! FACEBOOK EMAIL For […]