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The Hair Designer

Tony Ong is one of the owners of Gorgeous Hair Studio. An experienced hair designer, he has been practicing his trade for the past 25 years. This is Tony Ong.

《吃饱没?》(Eat Already?) Episode 5

Jiak Ba Buay? 《吃饱没?》(Eat Already?) is an info-ed drama series specially created for seniors. The series is in Hokkien – a dialect many Chinese seniors are comfortable and familiar with. It will be telecast every Friday, at 12pm, on Mediacorp’s Channel 8 dialect slot.

The Artist

Sou Ping is the founder of ArtCommune Gallery. He strongly believes in cultivating an appreciation of art pieces in people, rather than their viewing art as just another form of investment. This is Sou Ping.

The Programming Enthusiast

Dickson Tan is born visually impaired. But that did not stop him from pursuing his passion in programming. Overcoming all obstacles, he is now studying Business Management at Nanyang Polytechnic, and has even interned at IBM. This is Dickson.

The Ideas Crusader

Zullikhan Abdullah (bigzull) is an ideas crusader. He sets up Ideas Empire with the aim to help other people bring their creative ideas to life. This is Zullikhan Abdullah.

Happy Can Already! Episode 6 (Chinese and English Subtitles) 《欢喜就好》第六集 (中英文字幕)

Liang Xi Mei’s bosom buddy Ah Jiao is back, and she has joined the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) to advance her career. What is PCP, and how did she benefit from the mid-career transformation? 还记得“我头发有没有乱!”这句口头禅吗?久违了的阿娇回来咯!听说她参加了专业人士转业计划,学习新技能后,在职场上再创新峰。究竟这是什么计划,大家如何从中受惠?

The Veteran

Mr Raja Senior is 88 years old, and has lived through the Japanese Occupation in Singapore. His personal philosophy is to be positive, and celebrate the beauty of life. This is Mr Raja Senior.

Winner of President’s Award for Volunteerism

Winner of President’s Award for Volunteerism and/or Philanthropy (Kampong Spirit): Project Intan (Best viewed in HD) When we think about Kampong Spirit, we imagine the entire village coming together to better serve the community. This year, the Informal Group category has been renamed to Kampong Spirit to capture the essence of community togetherness akin to […]

Happy Can Already! Episode 10 (Chinese & English Subtitles) 《欢喜就好》第十集(中英文字幕)

It’s the 7th day of the Lunar New Year and everyone is gathered at #LiangXiMei’s house for the joyous festive celebration. This last episode of #HappyCanAlready also packs in some jaw-dropping action and surprises, while dishing out tips on how you can have a healthy and fulfilling new year. 梁细妹合家齐聚庆祝人日,欢声笑语惊喜连连!同时也不忘与大家分享如何在新年里吃得健康,活得精彩。

The Boccia Athlete

This is Nurul. She is challenged with spinal muscular atrophy type 2, which is a neuro-muscular condition that weakens and deteriorates her muscles in her arms and legs over time. She chanced about Boccia, a precision sport during her university days. Through the help of Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC), Nurul found her new passion […]

The Lunchtime Volunteer

Tan Choon Kiang makes use of his lunch break to deliver food personally to the disabled and elderly around Chai Chee. He has been doing this, rain or shine, for the past one year. This is Tan Choon Kiang.

Happy Can Already! Episode 4 (Chinese and English Subtitles) 《欢喜就好》第四集 (中英文字幕)

Heading to some crowded places this festive season? Do be extra mindful of your surroundings! Let #LiangXiMei share some useful tips on how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, including how to use the SGSecure app in this episode. 这佳节期间,您打算到热闹的地方庆祝吗?要记得小心注意周围的环境! 梁细妹将与您分享一些防卫意识和贴士,也会教您如何使用SGSecure应用程序。

Wang Lei’s Real-Life Story

Getai veteran Wang Lei shares his real-life story as a recovering problem gambler and how he turned over a new leaf at the age of 52 with his family’s support.

The Youth Advocate

Jonathan Ng wanted to change and be a better person after his mother’s death. Following her footsteps of doing community work, he wants to reach out to more youths and inspire them to become better leaders. This is Jonathan Ng.

The Active Volunteer

Aunty Mary is 75 years old and she loves people. She always finds time to help people who are in need via active volunteering. This is Aunty Mary.

《吃饱没?》(Eat Already?) Episode 10 Season Finale

Jiak Ba Buay? Is Mei Mei Ah Niu Sao’s long-lost daughter, and what becomes of her relationship with Ah Qiang? Ah Bee turns over a new leaf and sets up a food stall at the coffeeshop. Can we expect a happy ending in the final episode of 《吃饱没?》(Eat Already?)? 《吃饱没?》(Eat Already?) is an info-ed drama […]

The Life Lover

Ms Rezia has cultivated a community of animal lovers in her school. Through animal rescue works, she imparts the idea of respect, love and values to her students. She believes everyone can start small and find ways to show kindness through influencing their friends, family, community and ultimately society. This is Rezia Rahumathullah.

The Youth Mentor

Serene Koh is the founder of Expedition Agape, a volunteer-driven movement that mentors disadvantaged teenagers in challenging life circumstances. She believes that anyone can volunteer, and make a difference to someone’s life. This is Serene Koh.

Happy Can Already! Episode 1 (Chinese and English Subtitles) 《欢喜就好》第1集 (华文字幕)

#LiangXiMei is back on our TV screens and she looks exactly the same as 15 years ago! What does she do to stay fit and healthy? How does this foodie manage her family’s lifestyle and diet to stave off diabetes? Find out more on Episode 1 of #HappyCanAlready! 梁细妹时隔15年重返电视荧幕,却风采依然。 看梁细妹一家人如何注意饮食,保持健康、活跃,共同预防糖尿病! 即刻上网追看第一集的《欢喜就好》!