Just an update: We will be visiting Thuy An Village in December 2016 instead of 2015. Our video will be out in January 2017. Thank you everyone for your donations 🙂

When I was younger, I lived in Hanoi, Vietnam for about 5 years. And during weekends, I would visit Thuy An village with the students of my school, United Nations International School of Hanoi to play with the children. It was an eye-opening experience and I really wanted to help them. I wanted to do more than just play with the children, I wanted to give them better lives. And now, I can. You can too:!foundation/c9n5

On the 13th of September 2015, THEJIANHAOTAN FOUNDATION visited Thuy An Village giving the people over $2000 worth of food, milk, snacks, soccer balls and toys.
We will be returning to Thuy An Village in December. The children will need more clothes, food and milk as it can get to as cold as 8 degrees celcius. Please help the children:!foundation/c9n5

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More information about Thuy An Village:
Thuy An Rehabilitation Centre for Handicapped Children finds itself 13kms away from small town of Son Tay City and 70kms from down town of Hanoi Capital. Founded in 1976, the centre was originally opened for disabled children whose parents are the veterans infected with the Agent Orange, the toxic chemical used in American war. Over time, however, the centre has started to render its services to all disabled children. Thuy An Centre is a ‘campus’ housing up to 150 children and 50 staff. The children aged 6 to 18 suffering from mental or physical disabilities are provided rehabilitation, special education and vocational training.
The ultimate goal of the centre is to help the children re-integrate into society. While special education helps to lessen the burden of children’s families by teaching the disabled to help themselves with personal activities, the vocational training programs enable handicapped children to earn their living and able to live independently in the future.

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