The Making of NOC $1M Office!

On the 5th year of our career, we’ve had the opportunity to upgrade to a bigger office which even comes with a loft! Watch how we transform our 3939 sqft warehouse located in Singapore’s most bizarre town, Yishun, to a place where we now slog our life out just for you!

Watch out for the next episode of NOC office tour for a HUGE giveaway to revamp your own place!

After months of deliberation, we finalised on who we think are the best people to do the magic!

Interior Designer
Met Interior –
Hands down to the awesome people who beautified the place we call home now!

Air-conditioning & Electronics
Gain City –
Singapore’s most trusted air conditioner retailer. Definitely ours too!

Painting Works
Nippon Paint –
We love how easy it is with Nippon Paint! They took care of EVERYTHING!

Ecopluz –
Their 6mm vinyl Northern Maple Wood flooring makes our office looks so cosy!

Lightart Studio –
Not only do they provide just the lighting just like any other lighting supplier, they provide Lighting Design and Consultation too!

Wallpaper Specialist
Wallhub –
We have them to thank for our #ootds from now on. We especially love our KASTONE® 3D brick wall!

Countertop Surfaces
KompacPlus –
The show kitchen is our favorite part of the office! Our countertop made beautiful with KompacPanel

Surveillance and Security System
Huntaway –
There’s never enough security system and surveillance… Especially because we are in Yishun.

Moving Service
The Lorry –
Our crew are strong, but we definitely can’t beat the guys over at The Lorry! Stronger, better, faster than many of other movers out there.

Cleaning Service
Bring Cleaner –
We are good at cleaning up videos and food, but definitely not the floor. Thank you Bring Cleaner for doing what we can not. (Definitely not because we are lazy. Really.)

Furniture & Décor
HipVan –
From the sofa bed to the bath towels, most of our heavily utilised items in the office are all from the HipVan!

Internet Service Provider
MyRepublic –
Definitely one of the most reliable in the market, 5 years with them and still going strong!

Kitchen & Home Appliances
Bosch Singapore –
Name a kitchen appliance off your head and we are bound to have it thanks to Bosch Singapore. All we need now is someone who knows how to cook.

Water Dispenser
Focuswater™ –
The employees are all well-taken care of to the tiniest details, that we spare no expense even for the water that we drink. Antioxidants, minerals and alkaline water for all!

Metal & Electrical works
7 Interior Design –
The most underappreciated yet the most important of all, they are the guys who make sure that there is no downtime in the office (urgh).



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