The Making of Happy Can Already! (English and Chinese subtitles) 《欢喜就好-大家看》制作特辑(中英文字幕)

Ever wondered how and why the dialect variety show #HappyCanAlready was created? What do the cast have to say about their own characters and delivering their lines in various dialects? Catch all the behind-the-scenes action, from make-up to bloopers, in this special episode on the Making of Happy Can Already!

方言综艺节目《欢喜就好》究竟是怎么诞生的? 节目里的反串角色需要花多少时间上妆?看演员们如何通过多种方言,轻松搞笑地向大家传达资讯! 千万别错过精彩的幕后花絮和有趣的NG镜头,尽在《欢喜就好 – 大家看》制作特辑!

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