Near Yet Far – JinnyboyTV

A guy stumbles across a camera on a train, only to find that everything was happening for a reason. For business collaborations please contact: Behind The Scenes:–cGI& DIRECTED BY Jin Lim: STARRING Pauline Tan: Kenny Gan: FEAT THE MUSIC OF GENTLE BONES: Get “Settle Down” by Gentle Bones here: […]

The Girl That Changed Me – JinnyboyTV

A story about a boy who does what it takes to get the girl, being everything but himself. Watch The Bloopers Here: STARRING Ming Yue: Josephine Yap: Dennis Yin: Jenn Chia: Talitha Tan: Bernadette Hon: Jin Lim: Reuben Kang: Click the links below to find out […]


Sometimes when we are too busy looking for the right one, we often miss out the best which sometimes, is right in front of us STARRING Ernest Ng: Vanes Phung: Charis Ow: Elizabeth Koh: Yee Ying Lim: Winnie Yip: Kylie Chng: Bernadette Hon: Jinnyboy: Reuben Kang: […]

Disconnected – JinnyboyTV (Short Film)

Nowadays people know the price of everything, and the value of nothing. A story about how a girl disappears from a boy’s life every time he is, connected. STARRING Brandon Ho:, Phoebe Heng: WRITTEN BY Jin Lim: DIRECTED BY Jin Lim: Reuben Kang: OFFICIAL THEME SONG: Kina Grannis “My […]

Philophobia – JinnyBoyTV

This short film is a representation of fears in relationships. Sam who suffers from Anablepophobia, the fear of looking up meets Lana at a Phobia Support Group, as they help each other out to overcome their fears. STARRING Reuben Kang: Michelle Leong: Jin Lim: Alan Lok: Ernest Ng: SUBSCRIBE TO […]

How Girls Play Tricks on Your Mind – Mind Games

Do best friends know best when it comes to courtship? GET YOUR #OOTD T SHIRTS NOW:;jsessionid=1ApXWTIsmdm_-TTHgd4e4Q STARRING Dan Khoo: Jin Lim: Marianne Tan: Alicia Tan: SUBSCRIBE LIKE US ON FACEBOOK FOLLOW US ON TWITTER Jin Lim: Reuben Kang: FOR BUSINESS ENQUIRIES/SPONSORSHIP: WEBSITE

Me, Myself And I – JinnyBoyTV

A journey of self discovery, as Julia travels to Singapore to get over her break up. A coming of age story as we look to mending a broken heart. WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY: Reuben W.J Kang:, CINEMATOGRAPHY BY: Night Owl Cinematics: MUSIC BY Daniel Veerapen: , Julias Memoirs (Me,Myself & […]

The Rose – JinnyBoyTV

What if opportunity never fell? What would you do, when you’re in a situation where you had something important to tell someone. Would you hold it in, or risk it knowing what you’re doing is right WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY Jin Lim:, IN COLLABORATION WITH Night Owl Cinematics: FEATURING Jin Lim:, […]

Level Up – JinnyBoyTV Short Film

Do you remember your first time and what you did to prepare for it? Happy Valentine’s Day, and hope you can relate a thing or two to our latest short film, based on a story that was once told to us. Or maybe, it might be new to some of you. Adaptation of the Pharmacist […]

Crushed – JinnyBoyTV Short film

Have you ever admitted a secret crush under pressure and been crush-ed? Check out our latest video, and maybe you can relate to a thing or two. SUBSCRIBE WATCH MORE OF OUR SHORT FILMS CHECK OUT OUR EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS AND OUR HANGOUTS LIKE US ON FACEBOOK FOLLOW US ON TWITTER […]

Conversations Over Coffee

A story revolving around one’s love for coffee, and one’s interest in a girl whom he thinks he’ll never get. SUBSCRIBE: Every individual has their fears of approaching someone that they admire a lot due to lack of self esteem. But we fail to realize that sometimes it is the simple things that create […]

M.O.M – JinnyBoyTV

There is a saying, mothers know best! A collaboration with Samsung Malaysia to bring you a Mother’s Day Short! Happy Mothers Day to all the great mothers out there! SUBSCRIBE Win a brand new Samsung La’Fleur Collection smartphone for your mom this Mother’s Day: WATCH MORE OF OUR SHORT FILMS CHECK OUT […]

Unfold: Part 2 – JinnyBoyTV

Many of us have been through a long distance relationship, be it 100 or 1,000 miles away. Unfold 2 is about the countless struggles couples go through when the distance comes between them. SUBSCRIBE Thank you for believing in us, this entire shoot wouldn’t had been possible without the help of Chatime Malaysia & […]

#BOLEH – JinnyBoyTV

Ever since I was a child, I had a goal… A naive but hopeful dream, that when I grow up, I’d like to be someone who would make a difference in this world… Growing up in a developing city like KL, I do agree that Malaysia, isn’t like one of the big and formidable countries, […]

Unfold Part 1 – JinnyBoyTV

Sometimes we just want to be with the person we like, but when they don’t like you back. You really want them to be happy, and at the same time you don’t. SUBSCRIBE CLICK TO TWEET THIS VIDEO: WATCH MORE OF OUR SHORT FILMS CHECK OUT OUR EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS AND OUR […]

The Class Clown – JinnyBoyTV

Teachers are in a way, our second parents. They teach, they lead, and they inspire. Here is a short film that we made in collaboration with INTI International University And Colleges to say THANK YOU, to all teachers out there, wishing you a Happy Teacher’s Day. SUBSCRIBE OFFICIAL WEBSITE: LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: […]