Hi all you sparky glitterly lovely unicornnsssss~

This time I’m accompanied with my annoying bestfriend, Kiv to do the Snapchat inspired rainbow puke makeup!
I’m a little sad they took it out Snapchat again BUT well I LOVED THE FILTER HAHAHA ITS AMAZING so here’s my dedication to my love 😉
It’s an adorable and easy makeup and most importantly so fun to do with your friends.
Halloween costume inspirations for this year maybe? :p

However, I am gonna speed up on the basic makeup and concentrate more on the eyes and the rainbow puke!
Do let me know in the comments if you want a detailed makeup tutorial too 😀

Anyways hope you guys enjoyed the video and thanks for watching!


Mitchiri MitchiriNeko March
Original by Mitchiri MitchiriNeko:

Vibe Tracks – About That Oldie
Jingle Punks – Sound Off
Silent Partner – Straight Weather

That’s all for now!

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