Globally 4.5 million people are being trafficked for sexual exploitation, including children. to help human trafficking victims rebuild their lives.

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The Poem:

Have I caught your momentary attention?
Have I effectively communicated,
to our proud, tech-savy, sex-driven generation?
What we’re about to say may not surprise you;
For it’s a more-than-familiar declaration.
Allowing the bliss of ignorance to cloud you,
You dim the truth behind these realisations.

Millions snatched and childhoods they take,
They muffled and shuffled them between states.
They were shoved into a dirty rooms- calendars that are blank of dates,
Having their days numbered as they await their next cruel fate.
Driven to sell their sex to complete someone else’s happiness;
They find comfort in their impending loneliness.
What’s known to be a gift from God between two in love,
For them, was a gift they never want to open.

Now how about a more than real story,
Ripped from a mother’s lifeless arms- her baby was sold into slavery.
How unfair it is to have a future that has already been known to them,
Before they even have the privilege of knowing.
No mother would live to see their baby live a life that way,
She begged and begged but no one could hear her.
Like an invisible spirit she roamed the streets,
Helpless, until someone feels her near.
We complain daily about the rush hour traffic,
About how it holds us up for a couple of hours.
But do we know about this trafficking that makes me sick,
To have all their lives held up, they crave for ours.

Eradicate the syndicates, leave this business barren,
Give the children the forbidden fruit of education,
And open their eyes to opportunities beyond their imagination.

Restore their belief in love and God again,
And that their Life Purpose was still on its way.
Engulf them in a light so bright,
So that they’d never have to know their shadow again.
Break the chains that hold them captive in their minds,
And wait for a chain reaction of love,
that’s one of a kind.

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