Poverty in the Golden Years

The issue of elderly poverty in Singapore has been trivialised by some who believe they collect cardboards for “exercise”. We found out that this was not true when we interviewed several elderly who have fallen through the cracks and have to survive by doing manual labour in their golden years.

Many were forced into working long hours under the hot sun due to financial difficulties. Not only is this physically taxing for them due to their weaker health, it is also dangerous at times as seen by the recent cases whereby elderly cardboard collectors have been hit by moving vehicles.

We strongly believe that the growing issue of elderly poor in Singapore is one which deserves our immediate attention and concern. The pioneer generation is primarily responsible for Singapore’s success today. Having been a part of every significant milestone in Singapore’s story of nation building, from the British leaving us to defend ourselves against the Japanese, to the turbulent times where we were plagued by ethnic conflict. We all owe a debt of gratitude to them for their sacrifice of blood, sweat and tears.

With those days long gone, this is the time for the pioneer generation to spend their golden years in enjoyment, and in poverty no more. The recent movement to honour, recognise, and appreciate the contributions of our pioneer generation is nothing but hypocrisy if we allow some elderly to live in ways captured in the video.

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Should you wish to donate to charities who help them, do reach out to Happy People Helping People Foundation.

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