Mun Foong, A.K.A Wayward

{Mun Foong – A.K.A Wayward}
“Following my passion is literally like jumping off a cliff”, is how Mun Foong, owner and designer of fashion label A.K.A Wayward, describes her transition from graphic to fashion design.

Originally trained as a graphic designer and having worked in advertising for a number of years, Mun Foong’s story is one about childhood interests – cutting up living room curtains to make cloths – to switching careers to follow a passion, even if it means having to teach herself all the skills needed, right from scratch.

Follow us, as Mun Foong tells us about her challenges and inspirations as she puts together a collection for her latest campaign.

A.K.A Wayward

{Thank You}
Mun Foong & family.

{Special Thanks}
Teck & Jiwen – Lumina (Photography)
Kenny Ong, Dave Seah & Celeste Kuek

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