Mark Ong (Owner, Royalefam)

The identity Sabotage was created in 2003 by Singaporean artist Mark Ong.

Fuelled by his need to create a new look of sneakers, Mark started his career as a hobby sneaker painter, working out of his parents’ kitchen.

His first claim to fame came after he won a sneaker customizing competition on the Nike Talk Forum. His winning submission gained massive attention from the sneaker industry, and Sabotage instantly became a name synonymous with the art of sneaker customization.

Since then, Sabotage has been invited to commission designs for
sneaker industry giants like Nike, DC shoes and New Balance.

The most notable was 2006’s Asia-exclusive release of the Nike Sabotage SB Dunk which drew overnight crowds region wide and sold out within an hour of launch in every country it sold in.

Sabotage sneaker customs have attracted the likes of Kobe Bryant, Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn of Linkin Park, James Lavelle, and Q-tip just to name a few.

In 2010, after his travels to Mexico, Paris and Manila, Mr Sabotage got inspired to evolve his craft onto a larger canvas. Inspired by traditional hand painted signs, Mark embarked on a new journey as a visual artist with his beloved wife and business partner, Sue.

Since then, Mr & Mrs Sabotage had been commissioned to design and produce paintings / signs for outfits like Surrender, Blackmarket, Facebook Singapore and also the President of Singapore, Dr Tony Tan.

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