How to make Sambal Udang

Hey guys, here at KenduriTV there are no specific measurement to all our recipes. You kind of have to wing it and always taste as you go! That makes cooking much more fun & exciting!


Here are the ingredients :

To Make Chilli Paste:

30 Dried red chillies – boiled in water, drained
2 Garlic – cloves
10 Onions/Shallots – roughly chopped
3 Belachan – Tbspn

Combine all of the ingredients above and blend together in a food processor with half cup of liquid.

2 Onions – cut into rings
2 Dried Shrimp – tbsp of pounded dried shrimps
2 Sugar – Tbsp
1 Palm sugar – Tbsp
2 Tamarind paste – Tbsp mixed with a little water
6 King Prawns – Large prawns cleaned and devain.

Season with with salt according to taste.

This recipe serves 6, best eaten with coconut rice. Good luck and enjoy!

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