How to make Nana’s Ikan Sambal Hijau


Hey guys, here at KenduriTV there are no specific measurement to all our recipes. You kind of have to wing it and always taste as you go! That makes cooking much more fun!

500g Cat fish – You can substitute to Cencaru or your favourite fish
170g Petai – Optional
1/4 Tamarind juice – mix paste into water
1 Fish Sauce – Tbsp
10 Green Birds eye chilli or Green Chilli – your preference of heat
1 Onion*
1 Shallots*
3 Garlic* – cloves
1 Lemongrass* – Stalk
1 Tumeric – Tsp
1 Salt – Tsp
1 Sugar – Tsp

Method :

1. Rinse the fish in cold water and pat dry with paper towels. Season the fish inside and out with Salt and Tumeric. Set aside.

2. Using food processor or a pestle & mortar (better) blend or pound Ingredients marked *

3. Heat oil in a wok and Deep Fry until golden brown. Drain on paper towel.

4. Using the same oil, maybe 4-5 tbs. Stir fry the blended ingredient for 2 mins, o untill the oil seperates. We must warn you, you’ll go into a sneezing fest!

5.Add in Fish Sauce and assam Jawa. Season to taste with salt & sugar.

6.Make sure to taste the sambal. Stir in Petai and mix for about 30seconds or so.

7. Lastly, you can either smother the gravy on to the fish like we did or, put the fried fish in the pan with gravy and coat it through.

This dish is best eaten with hot steaming rice with a side of veggies. It serves four hungry people. Enjoy & Good Luck!

Music: Grrl Pal – Radar

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