Happy Can Already! Episode 8 (Chinese Subtitles) 《欢喜就好》第八集 (华文字幕)

Your bank account can be easily hacked if you use your birth date or IC number as your PIN. #LiangXiMei has an innovative way for you to come up with random yet easy-to-remember passwords. Watch her share her tips on how to stay mentally-alert, with special guest “Miss Tan” (#KymNg).

您身边的年长者有使用出生日期或身份证号码作为提款卡密码的坏习惯吗?这种做法很容易遭不法之徒盗取密码!让梁细妹教您如何熟记复杂的密码!另外,“什么!都懂”的Miss Tan (钟琴饰)也将出现在最新一集的《欢喜就好》教你几招,让你轻轻松松便记住了密码。

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