Happy Can Already! Episode 7 (Chinese and English Subtitles) 《欢喜就好》第七集 (华文字幕)

Special guest #Aunty Lucy drops in on #LiangXiMei and the two aunties ‘face-off’ on who is better at retirement planning and managing their nest egg savings. Find out what kooky plans Ah Po has for her husband’s CPF monies, and what advice she gets from her two bosom friends. Watch the three aunties share their retirement plans and money-management tips, in Episode 7 of #HappyCanAlready!

特别嘉宾Aunty Lucy 造访梁细妹一家,畅谈自己的理财概念。阿婆雀跃老公终于决定提取部分公积金存款,打算任意挥霍一番。看梁细妹与Aunty Lucy如何劝她谨慎理财,为退休生活做好规划。别错过三位“aunty”的精彩口水战,尽在第七集的《欢喜就好》!

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