The Sam Willows – Glasshouse (Lillywhite Edition)

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Produced by | Steve Lillywhite (5-time Grammy Award Winner)
Music and Lyrics by | The Sam Willows
Published by | Sony Music Singapore
MV Directed by | Bobbing Buoy Films
MVPost Production by | GRAVITATE


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The Sam Willows are a Singaporean indie-folk quartet of siblings Benjamin and Narelle Kheng, and their friends Sandra Riley Tang and Jon Chua, who burst onto the scene in the middle of 2012 with what Singapore’s leading broadsheet, The Straits Times, described as a group with “lush, multi-part, girl-boy melodies and breezy and soulful acoustic pop tunes”.

Their first EP of original songs (which is available at was released in October 2012 and made the top 10 local iTunes charts and top 50 albums sold on iTunes Pop Charts Singapore. In slightly over a year, The Sam Willows’ YouTube account has drawn close to 2,524,000 views with their mixture of unique covers and fresh originals.

The Sam Willows are the first Singaporean band to be named leading Singapore young adult hit radio station 987FM’s Rising Star, alongside international acts like Birdy and Ed Sheeran. They have won the m:idea Youth Choice Award 2013 in the band category by popular vote. Separately, they were selected to have a song recorded and produced by 5 time Grammy Award winning producer, Steve Lillywhite, CBE. *Glasshouse (Lillywhite Edition) that was released in July 2013!

The Sam Willows are currently the youngest Singaporean music act ever invited to play two prominent North American Music Festivals – South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas, (named SXSW 2013 – Freshman Favourite by review site Operation Every Band) and the Canadian Music Festival in Toronto, Ontario. Their North American tour also covered Los Angeles, where they played at venues including Villain’s Tavern and The Roxy – On the Rox.


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