10 Steps Korean Skincare Routine

I’ve always been a huge fan of the 10 steps Korean skincare routine and since some of you guys asked for the routine, here it is!
It may seem daunting and excessive, but trust me, this process gets quicker with experience and as long as you’re using the right products for your skin and layering them appropriately, your skin will thank you for it!

I typically follow the exact same steps, and in this video I thought i’d review the Kispeel products at the same time for you guys for those who are interested.

Here’s the routine :
1: Makeup remover
2: Facial Cleanser
3: Toner
4: Essence
5: Ampoule
6: Serum
7: Eye cream
8: Moisturizer / cream
9: Richer Moisturizer / cream
10: Night Mask or SPF for day skincare routine

I got all the Kispeel products via https://goo.gl/5sdgCi

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